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We do not know everything. And, sorry to break the bad news, you do not know everything either. Even if you study the rest of your life, you’ll never learn everything there is to know. And that’s okay, because someone you already know probably is a nerd about things that you are clueless about.

The kicker is knowing the limits to what you know. If you are too proud to ask for advice, then you’ll look (and buy) like a clueless person at the store. Ask for help and only your pride takes a hit. Either way your pride is getting smashed up, so limit the other damage to your wallet!

Computers are a classic example. Have you ever wasted a bunch of time and money trying to pick out a computer to purchase or fix your computer problem yourself? It’s always good to have a “teknonerd” available to contact if you have computer problems or need other technical advice on your electronics.

We have personally used the TeknoNerd in our area, got great help and advice, and saved time & money! They helped us fix some nasty computer virus problems and also steered us smart on a recent electronics purchase.

So don’t be too proud to ask for advice from others.  Your wallet will thank you.

And watch out for those cell phones (Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What?)!