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Too many “men” trade their family’s security for their manly big rig image.  Don’t believe me?  How many guys do you know who sold their tripped out 4X4 diesel pickup and bought a beater economy car to save money for the emergency fund or kid’s college fund?

big rigLook around any parking lot.  Pay attention to what’s driving down nearly every street.  They’re everywhere – beasts like those hideous Hummers and other big ball rigs.  My wife calls these overblown vehicles “compensation rigs.”  These big muscle rigs are oversized to balance out something that is lacking.  Like brains, a backbone…or something else!

And ladies, if this fairy tale hits close to home then maybe you should wake up from your trashy romance novel trance too.  Women blow their share of money on “need something dependable” rigs every bit as much.  Whenever I see these full size SUVs choking the streets around town and crossing into my lane at every curve, like the drivers have a thumb up their rear end, I always figure it’s a woman driving.  No offense, girls, but maybe some orange cones and an abandoned parking lot are in order to work on some skills.

Now there’s nothing wrong with buying an impressive set of wheels, if you can afford them.  And that is the problem.  Too many people who buy these impressive rigs can’t afford them.  Really – who can afford them?  Only the rich and I can assure you, there aren’t that many rich people out there and they don’t drive that crap.

Don’t let a fancy rig wreak financial havoc on your family.  Put down your pride and swap the “ego rig” for an “eco rig.”  That is macho.

Excerpts from Money Prick by Taylor Young