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A “rolling house on wheels” is an awful investment.  Really, investment is the wrong word since investments are supposed to go up in value.  Motor home and camper values drop like a rock the minute you drive or pull them off the lot.  A new RWV (Reverse Wealth Vehicle) is intended for people who can’t do math or are so rich they don’t care about the math.  Would you buy a house knowing it would drop half of its value in a few years?!  You gotta be rich or rash or both to do this.

Good old RV

Living the American Dream

The cost for maintenance, licensing, insurance, and fuel is jaw dropping too.  If the RWV is not motorized, it takes a beast of a truck to pull it.  Either way, going on a trip is like running hundred dollar bills through a paper shredder, then burning them just to be sure they are toast.  All this just because you don’t want to sleep in a motel bed?  Granted, motel beds are a little nasty, but a can of Lysol spray is a lot cheaper than a camper.  Get over it.

What is wrong with the good old-fashioned approach to travel, such as a seedy motel room, cramped pop-up camper, or simply a tent and a musty sleeping bag?  At least consider other means of family fun that don’t involve so much time and expense before you do take the RWV plunge.

If you can really afford an RV and enjoy using it, great!  We’re not against that.  But if you buy an RWV and can’t afford it, then you’re just hauling your financial problems around the country or have a very expensive lawn ornament covered by an ugly tarp like our pathetic neighbors do.  Don’t do it.

Excerpts from Money Prick by Taylor Young

Gotta love this video about RVs, though (warning: if crass language offends you, please don’t watch).