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over the hillAre you too old to be young, but too young to be old?  You’re likely from the “baby boomer” generation.  Having worked for longer than you have left to work, you’re starting to count down the years to when you don’t have to go into work anymore.  It’s still a long ways off but you find yourself thinking of it more and more.

You’ve probably cut back on some on your frivolous spending too, after looking at your weak investment statements.  You started saving too late, spent too much over the years, and now have too much time to make up for.

To make things worse, the younger people view you as old, and the gray hairs see you as a young whipper snapper.  You’ve already had a mid-life crisis in your forties.  You bought the sports car.  And you tried some partying like in your youth only to find you’re now a wimp.  Your round balding head is protruding ever more, as is your belly.

So what’s left?mid life crisis

Whether you see it or not, you’re actually in your prime.  You’re probably still pretty healthy.  You’re probably making more money than ever in your life.  Your kids are probably grown or mostly so.  You’re in a good spot!

Don’t get caught up in things!  Get caught up in the moments.  Enjoy the simple things each day.  Save away all the money you can and forget about it.  Instead, make life about enjoying things that don’t cost money.  If you had done this when you were younger, you’d be there already.  But it’s not too late.  Go for it.