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Starting July 10, The Success Essentials by Daniel Murphy will be available for free on Amazon for a limited time.  Don’t miss this powerful book on how to be successful in whatever you do.  I highly recommend it.

THE SUCCESS ESSENTIALSFirst off, this book was written by someone who gives out a lot of information for free about personal finances and personal growth and development. I already had respect for his writing and “helping others” kind of attitude. So when I found out that Daniel Murphy had written The Success Essentials, I was very interested to find out what he had to say. The book is a distillation of reading hundreds of “success” type books over the years. That kind of experience, as well as Daniel’s own story about discouragements and success, add credibility to this book. Yet there is a humble spirit behind it all, as he challenges the reader to not merely believe what anyone says in a book, but to think critically about what and how to apply the information.

Daniel makes it clear that YOU must define what success is for you. So often, authors assume that everyone’s definition of success is being rich financially and so they write books on how to get rich. This isn’t one of those books (though these principles certainly could make one rich). He emphasizes that re-reading the book (to reinforce and internalize the ideas) is critical.

This book is a straightforward read, distilled down to the major points without extra fluff. Yet no critical detail is left out. It’s all in there – a lot of easy-picking wisdom. That is how a personal development book should be. If you follow these Success Essentials, you can do anything you want to do.

–Daniel Minteer

Learn more about The Success Essentials in the note by the author, below.


Amazing Free Book Offer

Hi, Dan Murphy here with an exciting announcement. Back in 2011 I published my ebook, The Success Essentials. As good as that version was I knew it had to be improved.  I have added content and edited the original version to make it easier to read.

I am really excited though to announce that The Success Essentials is now available on Kindle! In addition you will receive three bonuses at absolutely no cost to you. And wait until you hear the best part…. The Success Essentials will be available at the absurdly low price of FREE. Yes, for the first five days only this book will be free on Kindle. (Keep reading even if you do not have a Kindle)

You may wonder why the price is so ridiculously low. It is really simple; it is because my aim in selling this book is not to get rich. (But I sure won’t object if a million people buy it!) My aim is to get this very helpful information out to anyone and everyone who can benefit from knowing what successful people all over the world know – the essential practices and disciplines that lead to success. I want to make this book so affordable that everyone can afford it.

Limited Time Free Offer – Act Now!

The first step in that process is to give it away for the first five days of the Kindle launch. The aim is to get it into as many people’s hands as we can. I want you to have this book, to read it, to loan it to others and to benefit from it. Kindle only allows the book to be free for five days… so you have to act quickly.

To get your free Kindle copy of The Success Essentials all you have to do is use this link to the download page: www.thesuccessessentials.com

Of course it will not be free forever. This is a limited time offer. It is free for only five days. After that there will be a price.

Once you download the Kindle book you will find instructions in the book to download your free gifts. It is that simple. No obligation to buy anything, ever.

Don’t Have a Kindle?

If you do not have a Kindle yet you can download a free Kindle Reader for your Mac or PC. It is free. Then you can download your free copy of the book and start reading and benefiting today. Get your free reader app at Free Kindle Reader for PC or Free Kindle Reader for Mac.

Then, most important, get your free copy of The Success Essentials now. Just click on www.thesuccessessentials.com! Act now… this is a limited offer… only five days. What are you waiting for?

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy