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Here are six daring and outrageous ebooks that you can’t miss.  All for a steal.  Compliments of Smashwords.com and your friends at BoiledDownMoneyGoo.com.

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Money PrickMoney Prick – The Harsh Truth Your Friends Don’t Have The Balls Or Brains To Tell You

Topic:  Personal finances with a crass humor spin.

Description:  You’re in luck. You just found the most enjoyable, hilarious book you’ll ever read on a typically not-so-fun topic; family/personal finances. Even if you know all this stuff already, it’s worth reading just for the laughs! WARNING: If you are offended by some crass language, then maybe this book isn’t for you.


How I lost a Million Dollars TwiceHow I Lost A Million Dollars Twice – And Other Brilliant Adventures

Topic:  Personal finance tales you’ll shake your head over.

Description:  Through a bizarre twist of circumstances, follow Taylor Young’s eclectic accounts of kissing goodbye a couple million dollars by a ripe ol’ young age. Enjoy someone else’s misery while you learn what not to do with your time and money thanks to Young’s numb skull, painful lessons.


No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Topic:  A collection of laugh out loud humorous and outrageous deeds, based on true stories.

Description:  From time to time it’s entertaining to watch others squirm in hot water. The mean streak in us loves stories of woe – especially when it involves someone else. Sometimes, we are the blundering idiots with a tale of despair for others to be pleased about. Either way, the good deeds that don’t go unpunished make such juicy stories!


Silicon Facades CoverSilicon Facades

Topic:  Depraved future society and twisted justice.

Description:  How our online presence in the early 2000′s evolved into the government’s digital social tool of the 2130’s to pigeonhole citizens into social classes and control their every activity, even where babies come from.


Breaching the Guardian DimensionBreaching The Guardian Dimension

Topic:  Spokane, Washington area in eighty years.  Two girls’ relationship, crime, revenge.

Description:  Coming of age in the 2090’s, friends Marcus, Randi, Vamir and Meagan are employed at a prestigious government-funded supernatural research facility. Something goes wrong after Marcus’ very first “exposure.” His friends watch in disbelief as employees mysteriously die right after their 4M experiences. It’s not clear whether they’re victims of machine malfunctions, the guardians, or something else.  During the mayhem, Randi and Meagan find the “something more” in their relationship that Randi has been longing for all along.  Like their favorite song, it’s para, para, paradise.  But something connected to the research program dooms the girls’ alliance.


Why You Can t See GodWhy You Can’t See God

Topic:  Is there real evidence for God’s existence?

Description:  Do you believe that God or the supernatural exists? If you don’t, and if the main reasons are based on your knowledge of science, then you’d better reconsider whether you’re being monkeyed with big time.


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