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Here are some websites where we have found great resources to help with personal finances, and save time & money. Lots of excellent information about personal finances from someone who has gone through the financial wringer and came out a lot wiser for it.  Thanks Trent. Books2Wealth is a great resource for reviews and recommendations of financial books, key financial tips and newsletter, as well as some FREE ebooks that definitely have the potential to change your life. Daniel Murphy is a popular blogger on this topic ( so don’t miss his continual updates. Mortgage Minute Guy gives you straight talk on the smart options for your home mortgage. Don’t get into a mortgage or refinance until you seek some answers from this website. There are lots of to-the-point videos to explain the different aspects of mortgages. The information on this site can save you tens of thousands of dollars! The Teknonerd. Have you ever wasted a bunch of time and money trying to fix your computer problem yourself? It’s always good to have a “teknonerd” available to contact if you have computer problems or need other technical advice on your electronics. Maybe even advice before you purchase something? We have personally used these services, got great help and advice from The Teknonerd, and saved time & money! Stupid Cents is right on the money! This website is devoted to helping you avoid making the common money mistakes that lead to financial disaster. It isn’t rocket science to figure out how to do well with your personal finances. This website makes it simple and easy to understand. So make it common sense or else, well, you get the picture. This website contains a good variety of personal finance and estate planning information. The blog-roll is a great resource for many, many other relevant financial websites. This blog site provides legal tips, small business information, and personal finance discussions. Promotes some Dave Ramsey resources. A great resource for every personal finance topic imaginable. Read guest writer articles, create your own profile and join the many forums. There is a very good article on how to make money with a blog ( Don’t miss this site. From CPA services to tax information to general financial help and calculators for home mortgages, car loans, savings, retirement/investments and life insurance this website provides a wealth of information and links. Just plain fun. We have watched Suze on TV for years and think she is very wise, right on the money, and offers a multitude of online resources.  She has a great show and is very fun to watch.

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