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Intriguing as it sounded, I have to admit I was a little skeptical the first time I heard of buried treasure on this little island. But the more I’ve read about it, the more fascinating it is.

The story is that back in the late 1700’s, a young man boated over to Oak Island (Nova Scotia) on a fishing trip. On the island he discovered a 15 foot wide hole in the ground, mostly filled in. A nearby tree had marks on its roots, as if they were used for a pulley or hoist to work in the hole. Very curious, he returned with two friends. With only hand tools the three of them dug and dug and discovered flagstones and layers of timbers at various levels – obviously put there as barriers. They couldn’t get very deep digging by hand so they ended up abandoning it.

Years later they returned with more equipment and some financial backing. They were able to dig much deeper, again finding various barriers, a cap stone at about 90 feet (that said, although they didn’t know it at the time, “forty feet below two million pounds are buried”). With daylight ending and the next day being Sunday, they left the hole until Monday. When they returned the hole was filled with water to about 33 feet deep (sea level). Booby trapped!

Since then, every attempt to pump out the water and see what’s down in the treasure pit has been futile. It seems that the treasure pit was designed with underground channels leading out to the sea to allow water to fill the hole should anyone try to dig down too deep. The volume of water has proven impossible to pump out. So far, all modern technology has failed to determine what’s buried there.

Bore samples have been taken over the years, and revealed metal, oak, coconut matting (nearest palm tree is 1500 miles away), clay barriers, metal pieces and soft metal (coins?), supposedly some gold fragments, voids (such as a cavern) and even a concrete vault at 170 feet that contained a sheepskin with letters written on it. A more recent camera inspection of a bore hole over 200 feet deep revealed several treasure chests and even a human hand floating in a cavern below.

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