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How often do you hear some negative remark about rich people and how they mess things up for the rest of us?  With all their selfishness and greed, right?

Maybe you’ve made the comment too.  I’m guilty of such statements myself.  But I’ve changed my tune.  And here’s why.

Rich people are no more guilty of hurting us than McDonald’s or tobacco companies.  The majority of the time, if they hurt you – you let them.

Did Ronald McDonald pin you down on the floor, pry open your pie hole, and dump a Big Mac-a-day for ten years?  Did R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company’s camel wallop you upside your head with its sweaty hump until you lit up your ten thousandth cigarette?

Did rich people somehow crawl through your TV or phone and take your money?

Come on, no one is twisting your arm to do anything.  YOU decide to do everything you do – including make a lot of dumb decisions.

Yes, there are scammers, but a sucker is born every minute. And yes, there are plenty of people making plenty of money just waiting for us to be idiots.

We all do and have done foolhardy things enough to make plenty of people richer.  But it’s not their fault, it’s ours.

There’s nothing wrong with being rich.  And if you did some research, you’d discover that the overwhelming majority of rich people planned and worked hard for every penny. You’d find that people don’t stay in business long without honesty and integrity.

So before you spend any of your money – do some research, think it through, get a second opinion.

You might even be wise to follow a rich person around for a while and see how they did it.

Should They Be Taxed More?

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