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Think it doesn’t happen? It does. Just keep carrying that cell phone around in your pocket week after week, month after month.

Now, this is not to be confused cell phone rash, caused by a suspected allergic reaction to the nickel on the surfaces of some cell phones.

No, we’re talking about a radiation-induced ugly sore (or multiple sores) on the skin near where the cell phone is kept (like in the front pocket of jeans), or worse. There could be other issues, even cancer. Research has indicated a multitude of potential physical problems associated with cell phone usage.  So just how much is your precious cell phone going to cost you?

This is a picture of one patient’s cell phone sore (on his right leg), taken May 2012. The sore developed in December 2010. Doctors tried treating it, unsuccessfully – not surprising since most doctors only attempt to treat symptoms with ointments and drugs “designed” for symptoms (or in reality, discovered to accidentally have side effects capable of treating certain symptoms, with many other harmful side effects that are glossed over).

The patient soon observed that this sore was in the exact location on the right leg where he keeps the cell phone in the front right pocket of his jeans – usually for about 16 hours a day, seven days a week. The patient also developed a few similar but smaller sores on his left leg (one high up, and the other near the knee).

Imagine this sore on the surface of your brain from constant yakking. It could happen…

As of May 2012 the patient reported stopping carrying the phone (or keeping it off if he does carry it). We’ll keep you posted as to when/if the sores go away.

Oh yea, and you’re being tracked by your cell phone too.