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You will find a common theme in the biographies of highly successful people. Whether they are thriving businessmen, musicians, or actors you will find an unusual degree of focus and dedication to the craft. Perhaps even an obsession. There is no need to get into the psychological reasons for this immense passion, but the obsession likely includes a strong sense of having to prove oneself.

There is something else that these “stars” have in common too. Being the best will require long, late hours continually – study, practice and more practice. Because of the extreme time commitment, many (not all) of these icons are unable to maintain healthy relationships at home. At some point a decision is made, whether conscious or unconscious, to continue pursuing the real love. As a result, marriages and other relationships with family suffer for it.

It is not physically possible to be the best at everything, as there simply is not enough time. Therefore to excel unusually high in one area will cost you in another, plain and simple. If you want to develop your own thriving business it will cost you. If you want to try to become a rock star it will cost you. If you want to make it on the silver screen, it will cost you.

The momentous feats will cost you time, money, sweat and tears, and maybe many relationships along the way. Shoot for the stars, yes. But make sure the target is worth the sacrifice. And while you’re heading there, strive for a balance between your “thing” and the other important things in life.