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What’s in a name? Everything. Ever wonder what may have happened if the pop sensation ABBA had instead called themselves The Dimples? What if the rock group Van Halen had instead named themselves The Pen Pals? They would not have been taken seriously. Yes, the music may speak for itself, but would they really have been as successful? With a cheesy name we would have judged them completely differently! We’re very biased that way.

So it seems that names really do matter. Why else would so many music artists and actors create a stage name? Richard Starkey became Ringo Starr. Joan Marie Larkin became Joan Jett. Annie Mae Bullock became Tina Turner. Prince Rogers Nelson became Prince. Robert Ritchie became Kid Rock.

Then there’s Zoned, Sandstorm, Aviator, Debi DeAglio, Tommy Nova, Erwin Erwin, Ean Vianabon, Marcus James, and Patriot. Ever hear of them? If not, check them out – they’re pretty good for “no names.” :-)Bottom line, names matter. And so does the substance behind the name. The music. The acting. But there may be one exception to the importance of names.

In fact, beware of “stage” names and marketing gimmicks when it comes to money management firms and so-called financial experts. Is your money manager/advisor just a cleverly devised stage name stuffed shirt with expensive advertising and empty promises of making you successful, or is there really character and proven experience behind them? You’d better be sure, because your future will be affected so much by who you choose to help you win with your money. And in this case, the name really doesn’t matter.

In fact, the more real the name with money gurus probably the better. Street smarts and substance are everything here. Scott Krivoshein or Raymond James would do quite well. Erwin Erwin or Ean Vianabon…hmmm…