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Have you ever wondered if your cell phone can track you and whether there is a computer file stored somewhere with information about the places you’ve been? Seems like this is not only possible, but probable.

On one hand, if you have nothing to hide then there is no real problem. On the other hand, if you’re worried that this is some sort of invasion of privacy – you signed up for it. Read the small print in the contract.

If this freaks you out then maybe you should also stop using credit and debit cards, cut up the grocery store savings cards, give up the checking account (use cash) and forget doing any on-line purchasing because there are certainly records kept everywhere of what you buy and when.

If this stuff bothers you then you should probably also quit Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and all your other online accounts and social networks because a lot of your personal information is out there for anyone to see (or at least in someone’s database already). Have you ever done a Google search on your name? It’s pretty easy to find your address and former addresses, names of family members and other personal information.

You have to make a real effort to be anonymous in today’s world. The irony is if you legitimately want attention (such as in a blog, music website, or whatever) it’s hard to get noticed. But if you screw up, then watch out! There will likely be some kind of record of it that can be found and used to humiliate you or worse.

Still paranoid? Read this great article by David Pogue, Your iPhone Is Tracking You. So What?  Bottom line, provide personal information cautiously.

Of course, then there are the cell phone radiation sores