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Lots of people are jumping on the internet band wagon to try to cash in. There are lots of ways. Aside from selling stuff directly, one of the most common ways to make money is through blogging. How it works is fairly simple in concept: You write and write diligently about things you are passionate about, and advertise on your blog with something like Google AdSense or Yahoo/Bing adCenter. As people come to your website and click on the ads you place there, you get paid! Pretty sweet, huh!

Setting up a website and getting ads on it is pretty easy. The hard part is getting people to come to your website. There are a lot of tricks you must learn to bring people to your web pages, like doing guest posting and guest articles on others’ websites, commenting on others’ blogs and in forums, joining blog communities/carnivals, joining directories, linking to other blogs, search engine optimization, using title tags and anchor text (text with hyperlinks), creating single web pages like Squidoo and more. The best article I’ve read on the subject is How To Make Money With A Blog.  And here’s an article on how to get your website listed in The Open Directory.

Good luck with the money explosion!