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Seems like every state, every county, and every town is littered with a “shady grove” mobile home manor. I’m not criticizing the folks who live in mobile homes. Some of our best friends do. And I’ve lived in mobile homes more than once in my life – from a 1949 hand-painted two-tone Shultz to a newer doublewide that hurt my pride and my wallet. And I despise them now.

Sure, if I was lucky enough to be able to buy a lot with an ocean view with a mobile home on it, I’d live in it for a while. But for everyday living, you’re throwing a lot of money away. There is no advantage, cost or otherwise, to living in a mobile home. They depreciate like a car, and end up looking like they belong in a junk yard. You’re better off to rent and save the extra money you wouldn’t have to spend on lot rent, mortgage interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance – you’d be much further ahead.

Check out the costs of fixing up this mobile home (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=rCYUnS24m-0&NR=1)

Please, try like anything to get out of a mobile home. If you wait too long this will be your neighborhood.