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We trade our time and ultimately our lives for money. That’s the harsh and depressing reality. Would you drag yourself to work and put up with the office dramas and divas if there wasn’t some pocket change in it for you? Yet piles of money won’t buy or add anymore days to your life. So if you want more time for yourself, then you’re going to have to trade something for it.

That means either working less hours (if you’re out of debt and think you can afford to work less) or getting rid of some serious stuff. We are not against having things. We are against stuff that requires working a ridiculous number of hours to pay the bill, especially when the bloody item will also soak up your “free” time to maintain it. The amount of free time that you have is directly related to how much stuff you have to take care of. So sell, downsize, trade, and get rid of anything that sucks up your time like a black hole. Less stuff means less work needed to pay for it and less time needed to take care of it. You’ll actually be getting more time and saving money. It’s a win-win solution.