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Do you realize that many people have not read a non-fiction book since high school? In contrast we’ve read that millionaires typically read several books per month. Hmmm…does it really make a difference? Let’s see…books, or the television and radio. Da! Why do we keep falling for the “buy, buy, buy” pitches?

We can guarantee you this: Most of what is said on the television and radio about money is a scam, a lie, deceitful, B.S., and not wise – designed to keep us in bondage. To make us want to buy, buy, buy. To make us slaves to the banks and to our stuff. That is why Americans are in so much debt – we’ve fallen for witty marketing.

We’ve been trained that this is how you “get ahead.” You borrow for anything and everything you want. Don’t wait, don’t save, don’t sacrifice. Have it all now. Have more than our grandparents ever did before we’re half their age! And if we get in over our heads, hey, just file for bankruptcy and walk away. Pass it on to our kids and grandkids to clean up.

Come on people, let’s wake up! Don’t expect the government to fix our stupidity like an enabling parent. Where do you think their money comes from anyway? We pay for all government bailouts.

Debt is unintelligent and the surest way for us to be broke and powerless. Debt is killing us. Please, let’s stop doing it now. How many second chances will we get?