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It seems that more and more, nothing is free. People don’t give stuff away, or advice (well, people do give away a lot of bad advice!). Usually there’s a catch. Either the free stuff is just a trinket to get you (or make you feel obligated) to buy the real thing, or it’s not really free at all after you pay the various fees, membership, or shipping/handling.

Have you ever heard of buying a music CD for one penny? Yes, you can find them online. But the kicker is that someone is going to make money on the shipping and handling. So it’s really not free, just a clever marketing ploy.

That’s why it is especially refreshing to come across a real person that IS giving away lots for free – information about personal finance and self help. No joke. Check out Daniel Murphy’s Books2Wealth at http://www.books2wealth.com/. This website provides a free newsletter, book reviews, articles and other resources to help you be wiser with money. And don’t miss Daniel’s Creating True Wealth Blog at http://www.ctwblog.com/.

Thanks Daniel for all of your great book reviews, guest articles, newsletters and just plain “help your neighbor” kind of attitude in sharing your love of reading books and writing reviews and blogs. We need more people like you – helping others. May you be prosperous too!