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We love our cars and trucks. A tough truck, sleek luxury car, or classic muscle car is a thing of beauty. The look, feel and smell of new rigs are exciting, and can bring a smile to the grouchiest person’s face. Too bad the smell is simply toxic fumes being released into the air….and that would explain the stupid grin on our face and why our math skills disappear after test-driving a new rig.

Don’t underestimate what you can get in a used car, and paying cash for it.  Case in point:  My ’94 Mustang GT that my cute and savvy wife found on Craigslist and my smart and so-funny son-in-law blessed.  We got a steal at under $3500 and had it in our driveway over a weekend!  Try doing that with a bank (no thanks).

Been loving the hell out of it and gunning past every thumb on the road ever since.  And it’s sleek enough to tuck cleanly out of sight after every highway chase.  Think you can’t get much for that price?  This video is the real thing!